new Membership or renewal forms
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To become a club member or to renew your membership online, please submit the following information and submit a $25 PayPal dues payment by April 1 each year ($27 after Dec. 1). See instructions below this form.

After submitting the above form:

1. Log into your PayPal account and click "Send".

2. Enter:

3. Enter: $25 ($27 after Dec. 1)

4. Ensure that the Transaction Type is "Friends and Family".

5. Click "Send".

You will receive an email response showing a payment to:

"Jacqui Schneider" (our club chairperson).

Your bank statement will show "rlsnowdirt".

Allow 7 to 10 days for processing.

Ref: To download the PayPal App. go to

if you prefer to submit a hardcopy for club membership or renewal, print the form below and submit it per insTRUCTIONS on the form.